16th Annual Surveyor Conference & Exhibition

Delivering Now for Future Resilience and Efficiency

30TH MAY 2014

The Nottingham Belfry

Delivering Now for Future Resilience and Efficiency

Focus on flooding and the development of SUDS

Discuss funding allocations and the LEAN approach

Learn new approaches

Join the latest debates 

Focused break-out sessions

Increase industry knowledge 

for Highways 2014

Who is attending?

  • Local authority highway maintenance engineers and managers

  • Directors of technical services, highways, environmental services, planning, transportation and engineering

  • Consultants and contractors involved in highway maintenance

  • Organisations involved in planning, implementing and delivery of highway maintenance for both local authorities and private sector companies

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Delivering now for future resilience and efficiency

Now in its 16th year, Surveyor’s annual Highway Maintenance conference remains the industry’s trusted source to arm highway practitioners, and features contemporary insights and practical advice vital to maintaining our essential transport infrastructure. This year's Highway Maintenance event will also see for the first time break-out conference sessions focusing on flooding and the development of SUDS on the road network . 

The beginning of 2014 saw a succession of floods across the country over a sustained period. The frequency and volume of flooding is having a severe effect on UK roads and their rate of deterioration since the first extreme floods took place in 2007. Highway Maintenance will consider the development of SUDS within local authority areas and take a more holistic look at flooding on the road network. There will be a focus on how councils are currently tackling the challenge severe flooding presents, as well as considering how implementing strategies now will make them more resilient in the future.  


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Last years event

Highway Maintenance 2013 brought together some of the most interesting and informative best practice case studies from around the UK, with Mahmood Siddiqi, the first bi-borough highways director in London focusing on the challenges and issues of managing a highways maintenance programme spanning two boroughs.

Delegates were given case examples from Birmingham and Scotland, showing how maintenance is tackled in both a big city and what we can learn from our Scottish neighbours. Surveyor was very proud that HMEP once again chose Highway Maintenance 2013 as the launchpad for its new asset guidance, which had been eagerly awaited from around the country. 

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